Why can’t we retain the cyber talent that we need?

There’s a cyber skills shortage, but instead of blaming a lack of talent – are cyber security hiring and retention processes part of the problem?

This week I speak with Vicki Gavin about recruitment, talent retention and leading teams. Vicki is an advisor on security, privacy and resilience and was previously CISO for the Economist; with years of experience under her belt I thought she was ideal to discuss these topics with.

Vicki speaks with genuine warmth, passion and clarity and admits that it wasn’t until she became a mother that she discovered how to be a good leader. “It’s the same skill set,” she says, “never forcing but helping them to understand the world around them and be the best they can be.” I love that.


So let’s look at the stats, findings revealed in ISACA’s recent State of Cybersecurity 2019 research, show that 64% of respondents indicated that they have trouble retaining qualified cyber security professionals. So what’s going wrong?

Presenter: Anna Delaney

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