The Insider Threat: Would you report your boss?

The report includes a wealth of qualitative data, taking samples from 1145 people across a large number of industries.

As well as discovering that employees are more likely to report their friends than other colleagues, one of the authors behind the research, Lisa Forte, Partner at Red Goat Cyber Security, found that senior staff members are effectively immune from being reported, no matter how serious their actions. And yet, she says that people were quite happy to report contractors for almost anything out of the ordinary.

“Overall there was a chronic level of under-reporting of even serious insider actions. As the threat is increasing and numerous companies have had intellectual property stolen in the last year, it highlights an area that needs to be addressed urgently,” Lisa stresses.

Their research also found that people were happiest reporting any concerns to HR instead of IT or Security teams.

Lisa’s top tips for dealing with the Insider Threat are:

  1. Train staff on Insider Threat issues
  2. Make reporting confidential and put HR front and centre
  3. Make sure the senior staff endorse the message that it is OK to report senior staff!

Read the full report here: Red Goat Insider Threat Report 2019

You can also listen to Lisa on the teissPodcast earlier this year on this very topic: Spotting the Insider Threat with Lisa Forte

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