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It’s a dangerous world out there, and we’re not just talking about the real and physical world that we live in. We are talking about cyberspace.

Yes, cyberspace, the place where you are right now. Just reading this article means that you are currently online. And while it seems all is well in cyberspace, it can actually be a pretty dangerous place if we are not careful.

Cyber attacks are common these days. We often hear about big websites, even some of the biggest ones like Yahoo, getting hacked. And they already have the best technology in the world  defending them. So if online giants like them are vulnerable to attacks, how can ordinary citizens defend themselves?

Hackers have special skills and use special tools to hack accounts. But one of the most common ways they hack into accounts is to use your password.

Sometimes they are able to guess it, for instance if you use a really common one like 123456. Sometimes they are able to crack it using simple “brute force” methods, where they try all the likely combinations of numbers and words. For instance they might use a dictionary to combine popular words and names together. Sometimes they will combine both methods, using clever guesswork (your age, your pets’ names, your kids’ names) combined with brute force.

More often than not, they are successful in finding passwords because so many people have weak passwords.

But if you have a strong, secure password, you have a greater chance of defeating their attacks.

At TEISS we know how important passwords are. And we know that really strong ones can be hard to remember. So we asked Mike from if he had any advice. He sent us this infographic which we think you will find really useful.

Cyber security password methods

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