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Huawei seeks to reduce EU concerns with 5G partnership proposal

“We have to find a ‘European way.’ So let’s do it together,” said Abraham Liu, Huawei representative to the European Union. He told a debate organised by four main political

U.S. carried out cyber strikes on Iran following Saudi bombings

Reuters has reported that the United States carried out secret “cyber operations” against Iran in retaliation against drone attacks on Saudi oil facilities in mid-September for which the United States

Video: What does the board need to know?

When it comes to preparing for a cyber-attack, what does the board need to know? Andy Watkin-Child, Chartered Security Professional, outlines the key questions for any board at the R3:

“Be clear about what it is you’re trying to achieve and then deliver it on time”

How do you define the role of a CISO? Can anyone be a CISO? Do all companies need the same type of CISO? Phil Huggins, Security and Risk Leader, talks

Ransomware attack causes major system outage at Pitney Bowes

Global shipping and mailing giant Pitney Bowes has announced that it recently suffered a major ransomware attack that caused a system outage, impacted customers’ access to their accounts, and also

26m credit & debit card records “rescued” from BriansClub

A massive cyber attack that targeted BriansClub, an underground store selling stolen credit and debit card records, resulted in the recovery of as many as 26 million credit and debit

Not sharing users’ browsing data with Tencent, says Apple

Apple has issued a statement to confirm that it is not sending details of websites visited by Safari users to China’s Tencent as part of its fraudulent website warning mechanism

Google brings in USB-C Titan security keys for US customers

Google has introduced a new USB-C variant of its Titan security keys that were introduced in the UK in August this year and can be purchased as bundles from the

How to stop bad habits getting in the way of security

We’re all creatures of habit. Often, this is to our advantage, as a good habit helps us remember to perform crucial actions that keep us safe. When changing security processes,

5 reasons that prove social media manipulation is real

What if the way we think is being subtly yet detrimentally shaped by higher forces online? The Computational Propaganda Research Project (COMPROP) team, dedicated to investigating the impact of automated

WannaCry attacks cost NHS trusts £5.9 million, finds new study

A new study carried out by researchers at Imperial College’s Institute of Global Health Innovation has revealed that the WannaCry ransomware attacks in 2017 resulted in NHS hospitals and trusts

47% rise in the number of girls applying for NCSC’s CyberFirst programme

The National Cyber Security Centre has announced that the number of girls applying for its CyberFirst summer courses rose by 47% in 2019 even though there was only a 29%