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Security for the “new normal”

Remote working is by no means a new concept. In fact, 30 percent of employees were already working from home on a part-time basis prior to the COVID-19 lockdown, according

Hacker hijacks 23k misconfigured MongoDB databases

A hacker has uploaded ransom notes on as many as 22,900 misconfigured MongoDB databases after wiping their content, thereby forcing hundreds of companies to either pay up or lose their

Viruses are common – but analysts prefer to research back-doors and droppers

Trojans, Backdoors, and Droppers top the list of most-searched malware by security analysts. However they are not the most prevalent types of malware on the internet Anonymised statistics from free

New FakeSpy malware family targeting Royal Mail users

An upgraded version of FakeSpy, a three-year-old information-stealing malware, is masquerading as legitimate postal service apps, including the Royal Mail app, to leverage the trust of users and steal their

Building ransomware resilience: preparing for the golden hour

As cybercriminals evolve their techniques and technologies, ransomware is only becoming more infectious and harmful. The average attack costs businesses more than £100,000 and does lasting reputational damage. Indeed, 40%

Most Brits willing to trade privacy for robust COVID-19 contact tracing

A new survey has found that a majority of Brits are willing to forego their privacy to help set up a robust COVID-19 contact tracing system that can prevent the

Hackers are hiding skimming code in image metadata to steal card details

Hackers have adopted a new way to steal payment card information from e-commerce websites: Inserting skimming code in the metadata of image files to exfiltrate data and to evade detection.

Credit card skimming via Google Analytics

Web skimming is a type of cyberattack that targets online shoppers. In these attacks malicious code collects and sends data entered by the shopper to a criminal. The criminals can

Post-Brexit: What are the challenges for the ICO?

What are the challenges for the ICO in the coming year, post-Brexit? How will ongoing investigations with EU countries be affected? Watch what Stephen Eckersley, Director of Investigations, ICO, thinks

Developing foundation level security training for the beginners and the advanced

I’m torn when it comes to developing and deploying “foundation” level training. I completely understand (and agree with!) the necessity of bringing everyone in a group up to a common

Australia to invest $1.35 billion to fight against emerging cyber threats

The Australian government has pledged to invest $1.35 billion over the next decade the develop new capabilities to neutralise and block emerging cyber threats to the country. Earlier today, the

APT group StrongPity found conducting state-sponsored cyber operations

Security researchers have discovered how APT group StrongPity has been targeting victims in Turkey and Syria, particularly the Kurdish community, with watering-hole attacks aimed at luring victims into downloading malicious