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Hackers selling over 460,000 debit & credit card records on the Dark Web

Cyber criminals recently uploaded over 460,000 debit and credit card records on a popular Dark Web marketplace in October and November and were selling such records for between $1 and

Magecart hackers targeting e-commerce sites counterfeit shoes

A new investigation from Malwarebytes has found that hackers are inserting malicious code into hundreds of e-commerce websites that are selling counterfeit shoes but are advertising them as from popular

FBI nabs Nigerian cyber criminal who perpetrated various BEC scams

Following the extradition of a prolific Nigerian cyber criminal to the United States, law enforcement authorities have successfully taken down a cyber crime ring that committed various cyber crimes such

GDPR vs CCPA: Two legislations, different requirements

While a piece of US-based legislation such as the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) may seem largely irrelevant to businesses based in the UK, it would be a mistake to

BMW fought off cyber attack by APT32 aimed at stealing trade secrets

A cyber crime group known as APT32 or Ocean Lotus carried out cyber attacks against global automotive giants BMW and Hyundai with the backing of the Vietnamese government, German news

How can we protect our children online?

According to the National Crime Agency more than 2,500 arrests were made last year in the UK, after Facebook reported offenders for trying to entice children into sharing indecent images

Privacy concerns pushing people to change online behaviour, poll shows

Privacy concerns are pushing people to change their behaviour online, according to an international poll published on Wednesday that found one in three avoid specific search terms or web pages

The Grinch bot that stole Christmas

We’ve all heard of the boogie man that steals children in the night-time. It’s been giving kids nightmares for years. Now, we have something that will give their parents a

Why your password doesn’t pass the test

Contrary to popular belief, hackers don’t need sophisticated tools or special skills to break into a network. According to this Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report, a staggering 81 per cent

Sweaty Betty suffers loss of customer records to formjacking attack

Popular British fashion store Sweaty Betty suffered a breach of customer records after hackers injected malicious code into the store’s website and exfiltrated customers’ details from the checkout page. In

Evil Corp hackers indicted for running Dridex malware campaigns

A joint collaboration between the National Crime Agency, the National Cyber Security Centre, and the FBI has culminated with the indictment of two Russian hackers named Maksim Yakubets and Igor

ICO issued fines to 340 organisations for not paying data protection fee

The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) issued 340 monetary fines to organisations between July and September for failing to pay the mandatory data protection fee that all organisations that process personal