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Zoom shares slip over security concerns

The stock had surged to a record high in March as demand for the app skyrocketed with millions of people around the world using it for everything from school lessons

Fresh review of Lloyds payouts over HBOS fraud begins

A retired High Court judge has been appointed to re-review compensation paid by Lloyds Banking Group <LLOY.L> to victims of one of Britain’s biggest banking scandals after an earlier review

How to protect elections amid the coronavirus pandemic

The main concern, in terms of the pandemic, is that elections cause people to congregate at the polling places on Election Day. If it’s not safe to be within six

‘Zoombombers’ want to troll your online meetings. Here’s how to stop them

In some cases, online trolls have crashed alcohol support group meetings held via the app. “Alcohol is soooo good,” the trolls reportedly said to one group of recovering alcoholics. In

DDoS attacks took down Italy’s social security website

Frequent cyber attacks forced Italy’s social security and welfare department to temporarily shut down its website at a time when thousands of vulnerable citizens were trying to apply for financial

Interpol warns hospitals against crippling ransomware attacks

Interpol has warned that cyber criminals could step up the frequency of ransomware attacks aimed at hospitals and other healthcare institutions. In an alert posted on its website on Saturday,

Entire companies working from home – how businesses can master the new challenges 

In the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic, those organisations that can are letting most of their staff work from home. For CIOs, this shift in working practices brings a wide

How to encourage “naturally secure” behaviour?

How do you encourage “naturally secure behaviour” in your organisation? It all begins with “culture” says Bridget Kenyon, DIS EMEA CISO and Information Security Programmes, Thales. “The trick is to

Huawei warns China will strike back against new U.S. restrictions

Huawei warned on Tuesday that 2020 would be its most difficult year yet due to American trade restrictions which dealt a blow to its overseas sales in 2019, and predicted

7 tips to help you survive lockdown – from the CISO of JUST EAT

How are we all doing? We are in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic – many of us are in lockdown – working from home – uncertain of when we’ll

Phishing attack on Godaddy compromised website

This week, suffered a phishing attack that enabled the phishers to view and modify customer details and change domain settings for half-dozen Godaddy clients including transaction brokering site

Supreme Court finds Morrisons not liable for 2014 data breach

In a unanimous decision, the Supreme Court has ruled that Morrisons’ employees won’t receive any compensation from the supermarket chain for the massive data breach took place in 2014. Back