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Should phishing tests be changing for the remote workforce?

“Phishing tests don’t teach anybody anything.  They teach the organisation to ignore things.” Ahead of teissR3 | Resilience, Response and Recovery Online Summit 2020, Vicki Gavin, The Cyber Coach at

Determining the landscape of attacks

“Yet another framework, yet another set of terminologies…” Andy Grzes from Smarttech and Alex Tarter at Thales discuss cyber security databases and the effectiveness of the MITRE framework. Watch the

Home Office suffered over 4,000 data loss incidents in 2019-20

Data loss incidents suffered by the Home Office more than doubled in 2019-20 compared to the previous year, with a majority of incidents involving inadequately protected electronic equipment, devices, and

Over 500,000 Activision user accounts hacked & logins made public

Gaming giant Activision has reportedly been hacked and hackers behind the breach have gained access to the user accounts of over half a million users, according to reports. Activision, a

How should organisations be changing their Incident Response planning because of the pandemic?

“You don’t need a plan.  You need the capability to respond.  You don’t get the capability to respond from a plan.” Ahead of teissR3 | Resilience, Response and Recovery Online

Weighing up risk and operational efficiency

“You never want the cure to be worse than the disease”. Alex Tarter at Thales and James Todd at BT discuss the practical constraints around building incident play books. Watch

Identity in the empty office: what’s next for the hybrid workforce?

What’s more, mass employee hire, redundancies and furloughs, have added to the workload for IT and security teams. A practical example is supermarket Tesco’s, which has hired 16,000 temporary workers

Does incident prevention always have to be expensive?

“We are not going to bother locking the doors any more and we are going to spend a fortune on alarm systems. That just doesn’t make any sense to me.”

45 APT39 hackers sanctioned by US Treasury for targeting US travel firms

45 hackers associated with APT39, an Iranian hacker group, were sanctioned this week by the U.S. Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) for running a malware campaign targeting Iranian

Aussie hacker obtained former PM Tony Abbott’s passport number from boarding pass

An Australian hacker recently obtained the passport number and phone number of former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott using a picture of Mr. Abbott’s Qantas boarding pass which the latter

What advice would you give to other Infosec leaders?

“I like to learn from other leaders because there has been a lot of innovation recently ” Michael Jenkins MBE, CISO of Brunel University talks to Sooraj Shah about how

Back to basics: Improving your security processes and budgeting

So how can we make the most of our basic security processes, and where can we concentrate our efforts to ensure our budgets go further? Looking at attack surfaces One