Labour Party targeted by a “sophisticated and large-scale cyber attack”

A Labour Party spokeswoman announced today that the party’s digital systems were targeted by a “sophisticated and large-scale cyber attack” but its robust security systems were successful in warding off the attack.

According to BBC, the Labour Party has reported the cyber attack to the National Cyber Security Centre. It quoted the spokeswoman to state that security procedures implemented by the Labour Party had “slowed down” some election campaign activities but they were now “back up to full speed“.

Commenting on the cyber attack targeting the Labour Party’s digital systems, Corin Imai, senior security advisor at DomainTools, said that the cyber attack should be a significant concern to all voters in the UK regardless of their political viewpoints.

“During a General Election, it is imperative that the main political parties are all given a fair and impartial hearing, and considering the importance of digital campaigning in modern election cycles, a DDoS attack such as this could give other parties an advantage.

“While there is no indication of where this cyber attack comes from, and it is obviously encouraging that the Labour party said these attempts failed, the incident is an example of just how susceptible to cybercriminal activity our democratic process can be,” she added.

Cyber attack targeting the Labour Party was a DDoS attack

According to Sky News’ Technology Correspondent Rowland Manthorpe, the cyber attack targeting Labour was a DDoS attack aimed at shutting down the party’s digital systems. Brian Higgins, security specialist at, told TEISS that these types of attacks rely on directing large amounts of traffic at target websites to make them crash.

“They [DDoS attacks] don’t normally represent any threat to data or information and can be defended against and recovered from quite easily if the victim has robust cybersecurity policies in place. It’s hardly surprising that the Labour Party has been targeted given the current political landscape in the U.K.

“If anything this should serve as a warning to all the other parties and organisations responsible for the secure administration of our democracy to ensure they have their digital houses in order,” he added.

We will update this story with additional information during the course of the day.

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