How to secure your supply chain

Media / Podcast / How to secure your supply chain – podcast with Founder of SASIG, Martin Smith MBE

“Suppliers are not dissimilar to children; they look up to you, they respect you, they need you, but they also want you to tell them what to do” –  Martin Smith, MBE

As supply chains grow in size and complexity, so does the technology, data, transactions, users, and therefore the cyber security risk. According to the 2016 Security Breaches Survey, very few UK businesses set minimum security standards for their suppliers….So, how can organisations gain an improved awareness of supply chain security and how can they work better with their suppliers?

TEISS talks with Martin Smith, MBE, Chairman and Founder of SASIG, The Security Awareness Special Interest Group, which aims to improve trust in the online environment.


Anna Delaney


The Pain – Nick Homes



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Anna Delaney is the Editor in Chief of the TEISS cyber security website. She has previously worked for BBC, Levant TV, Resonance FM and ITV.


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