Hacking a smart TV for dummies: a security expert demonstrates

While DVB-T signals are no longer in use in the US, Freeview in the UK is transmitted using the vulnerable signals. The demo was carried out on two recent Samsung models and it was explained that the code could be altered to compromise other web-enabled TVs. For the codes to work seamlessly, the targeted TV needs to both be tuned into a DVB-T channel as well as have the TV connected to the internet.

Yossef Oren, co-author of research paper ‘From the Aether to the Ethernet –Attacking the Internet using Broadcast Digital Television’ told Ars Technica: ‘This research is significant because TVs are used by a fundamentally different demographic than computers. People who use TVs don’t know/care about security, they aren’t used to getting security prompts from their TVs, they don’t have the discipline of installing security updates, and so on.’

Scheel had a parting shot- he told Ars Technica that this type of a breach would allow hackers ‘attack further devices in the home network or to spy on the user with the TV’s camera and microphone.’

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