Do you have any advice for other information security leaders when it comes to building cyber resilience?

“From all that effort, it made the delivery much easier.  We had…data which said which audiences needed what sort of awareness campaign.  The delivery becomes very easy at that point.”


Nick Harris, Global Head of Information Security at Oxford University Press talks to Sooraj Shah about behaviour and security awareness across the organisation, and how they were able to pinpoint and target their messaging to build awareness and cyber resilience.

Nick Harris will be speaking at the teissR3 | Resilience, Response and Recovery summit taking place online, 15 – 24 September.

This year, the very popular teissR3 event focuses on how to improve your organisation’s cyber resiliency and adopt best-practice in incident response and crisis management in a post-COVID-19 world. Space is limited. Register your free place by clicking here.

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