Cyber training: is trying to change people’s behaviours useless?

What is behavioural economics, and how can it derail successful security training? That’s our topic this week on the teissPodcast with Bridget Kenyon, DIS EMEA CISO and Information Security Programmes, at Thales.

I caught up with Bridget at the security conference Cyber Connect UK back in November. Bridget never fails to fascinate me with her ability to talk about any topic in great detail and this time she delved into why security training isn’t working in its current form – instead of working against people’s natural behaviours, we need to work with them. In fact, trying to get people to change their behaviours is, quite frankly, useless.


Bridget explains how cyber security can work for and with people, and how this isn’t about win/lose battles…cyber security is an infinite game.

Here Bridget is, giving a brief of what behavioural economics is…



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